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tagged by ilmenskie to post 6 selfies which was kinda hard bc i’m pretty sure i did something like this a month ago or something but. ANYWAY. MORE SELFIES. min eating various things i guess

gonna tag polterdyke declion thiswaytoday legendsscatter and uh u can pretend i tagged u specifically if u have selfies u wanna post anyway. I”M SORRY i’m very bad at tagging ppl


I abused the binding of my new Gekkan Shoujo anthology for you, so enjoy! Tsubaki Izumi did an extra chapter especially for it, and once I read it I had to translate it. Zip file is here with the cover image and a couple other drawings included. I highly recommend buying the anthology even if you can’t read Japanese, it’s pretty great.


his eyes are so empty his head is so empty small kags has no perception of danger whatsoever his thoughts are just 1000 volleyballs rhythmically bouncing to the chorus of beyonces “crazy in love”



Hey tumblr,

I’m not the kind of person to ask for help on the internet for money when I’m in times of need, but i was just kicked out of my house by my dad (who has honestly been very unstable for the past 2 years), and although I do have a place to go thankfully, I’m so incredibly broke its not even funny, so I’m posting a link to my store which you can find Here:


I have buttons prints and aprons for sale, Im also open all the time for both art AND cosplay commissions which you can message me about on both tumblr and my email psychedelicpaprika@gmail.com.

Im not taking donations because Im not sick or dying, and i’d rather people have things they can use/like then just throwing there money at some stranger on the internet, so please please check out my store, even buying buttons is incredibly helpful because I cant even afford taking the T into Boston now to go to job interviews I have because all of  this is so sudden and he wants me out of the house before tomorrow. 

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