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some kinda nozaki fancomic. photoshop.

Ha ha ha oh no whoops more gsnk fanart appeared!  While trying to ease back into work while dealing with continued pain issues, I’ve been slowly picking away at this for a week or two.

I, uh, love Kashima and Hori, guys.


Kagehina for dbsnk because she’s already way too deep into the ship. Sorry i couldnt make the winter date more magical when they’re both nerds :^D 

Iwatobi Swimclub 2.0

Ennoshita Chikara Chapters 119-122


i drew poms to calm down
it helped


Sorry, I’m not good English;~;

But I would like to convey this MOE・・・!

黒研は名前までものすごく萌えるんだけど英語圏の人にそれが伝わっているか真夜中に急に不安になって泣きながらいっきにかきました。いらんお世話ですか でも萌えです。


(if you want to know the meaning of the name of HAIKYUU!! characters, send me mail freely…! although a reply may become late …)



Kageyama taking care of his nails is so cute

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